Our Mission

Who We Are

The Archipelago Project is a non-profit music education organization dedicated to advocating musical arts through performance, residency, and consultation. Archipelago’s mission is to connect, educate, and inspire audiences from diverse ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic populations. The organization is comprised of highly trained musicians, teachers, and artists from the United States and the world.  Archipelago immerses audiences in diverse programming that spans musical styles from around the globe.

Educational Objectives

1) Demonstrate music’s reflection on cultural identity through study and performance of a variety of styles.

2) Demonstrate a clear path of development and success in playing music by providing students with necessary fundamental musical skills.

3) Encourage individuals to find their musical voice by teaching them the skills to improvise, compose, arrange and rehearse their own music.

4) Encourage students to take ownership of the music-making process by assuming responsibility for both individual and group improvement.

5) Use the ensemble and musical creation as a model society in which an atmosphere of competition is replaced by a collective desire to achieve a common goal.

6) Teach how to fuse music from numerous styles and cultures into new compositions and unique concerts.

Music and Community Objectives

1) Inspire students and audiences from diverse ethnic, geographic and socio-economic populations to make music a more important part of their lives.

2) Promote student growth and development through the study, practice and performance of music.

3) Develop students into musical ambassadors of understanding by increasing interaction between student music ensembles and their local communities.

4) Mentor young musicians in a positive setting in order for them to become better citizens, artists, teachers and role-models within their communities.

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