MILA Leadership Session

The MILA leadership training session prepares students to be future leaders by developing their creative and technological skills through online music composition and arranging modules while giving them active responsibility in the curation process.  Students will learn how to effectively use music technology programs such as Soundtrap and Noteflight by being tasked with composition and recording modules.  These modules will range in difficulty allowing the students to sequentially develop a level of mastery with the software and at the same time explore and develop new musical concepts that help elevate their own musical creativity.  The ultimate goal of the session is for these students to take back these newly developed musical and technological skills and share them with their programs.  In addition to the students working on their modules, students will be guided through simulations where they are placed in charge of leading tasks inside of each module like setting up google folders to collect audio/video files, setting up and monitoring break-out rooms in zoom, and running a mindfulness session.  Having developed both the skill of creating and leading parts of these modules, students will have the confidence and skill to take a more active leadership role in their own program. 

Leadership Daily Schedule: Students will work on each learning module in 3 sequences..

Opening class: (1:00-2:15)

–During this class, students will walk through mindfulness exercises, discuss daily tasks and goals, explore musical concepts and styles related to the specific module, and receive any technological training needed to accomplish their tasks. 

Asynchronous Project Work: (2:15-4:00) 

–Students will be set out on their own to work on their modules.  Teachers will be available to help. 

Closing class: (4:00-5:15)

–Students will be divided into break-out groups where they will present their current progress to each other.  Students with the guidance of faculty, will constructively critique and provide suggestions to each student’s work, helping them develop and polish their module to the best of their ability. 

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