Traverse City Music Camp 2017!


The Details:

When: July 27-August 4, 2017.
Where: Central United Methodist Church, Traverse City, MI
Who: Open to students in grades 6-12.
What: Collective Composition, Arranging, Lessons and Performances

The Essence: 

During this year’s camp you will work with your friends to compose music and create unique musical arrangements.  To help you out, we’ll also have classes that explore a wide variety of musical styles and structures.  At the end of the camp you’ll get to premiere your pieces live on WNMC radio!

See some compositions and performances from previous years here.

Who Will Hear My Music?

We have a great lineup of performances scheduled for this year’s camp. Highlights are most certainly our performances on WNMC Radio, the Benefit Concert and the open jam session at Right Brain!

What exactly will I be doing during the camp?

Music Arranging Ensemble
Working in small ensembles, students will broaden their horizons by learning how to arrange music from popular music genres of rock, pop, jazz, or funk. Using aural music theory skills, students will transcribe a piece of their choice and then create their own arrangement. These pieces will be performed in public venues around the Traverse City community.

Collective Composition
Creative Composition is an opportunity for people to come together and creatively explore and express their stories, ideas and emotions through music. Creative Composition emphasizes the creation and performance of music as something that all people can access, and offers shared experiences through which individuals, communities, and culture can strengthen and expand.

Archipelago Teaching Ensemble
Students will have the chance to create New Orleans and Pop arrangements alongside the world-class teachers of Archipelago. Arrangements will be performed around the community.

Community Engagement
Faculty specializing in public speaking, writing, media and PR training will strengthen the student’s non-musical arsenal. Students will learn techniques in verbal and written communication, and will have the opportunity to engage these new skills through public speaking opportunities at numerous public performances.

Create Connections
During the camp, students will get the opportunity to work with teachers and students from around the country with diverse cultural backgrounds. Students will learn how to use the music ensemble as a vehicle to communicate and connect with another.

How Can We Help?

For returning students we are offering some fantastic registration discounts. If this is your second year at the camp, then we’ll take $30 off your tuition. For third-years we’ll take $50. And for those that have been with us for four or more years, you’ll save $70!

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