Musical Leadership & Innovation Academy
Formerly the Traverse City summer camp, Archipelago’s music academy is a youth leadership program which challenges students to develop their own musical voice by asking students to draw from the abstract to create something tangible, constructively critique their peers, lead discussions, suggest and support ideas and reconcile opposing views through compromise.

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Residency & Workshops
Archipelago performs a variety of workshops and residencies around the country and the word focusing on multicultural styles of music, student creativity, leadership, and communication skills. Workshops can vary with one Archipelago artist to the entire Archipelago Project Ensemble.

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Outreach Performances
From the beginning, Archipelago has been dedicated to demonstrating music’s reflection on cultural identity on how we interact with it daily by bringing varied musical performances from on the stage to churches, street festivals, graduation ceremonies, and more. You will find Archipelago with its diverse and highly trained musicians performing in every type of venue. Click on Listen/Watch to see our groups in action.

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Consultation & Conferences
Archipelago works with many non-profit music programs and organizations across the country, helping them design student centered programming, curriculum and teacher training. In addition to coming onsite to programs around the country, members of Archipelago also present at conferences. Archipelago often combines consultations projects along with residencies.

Since our inception in 2004 we’ve had the pleasure of performing and teaching on three continents and five countries.  Here is a Highlight of where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

Annual Projects:
Summer 2004-2019 Archipelago Musical Leadership Academy and Performance Series- Traverse City, MI
May 2013-2019 Baltimore Residency, Baltimore, MD. 
School Shows, Residencies & Tours
March 2005 Cathedral City High School Residency – Palm Springs, CA
May 2006 OE Dunkel Middle School Residency – Farmington, MI
May 2007 Paxton High School Residency – Paxton, IL
October 2007 Bloomfield High School Residency sponsored by the Hartford Symphony – Hartford, CT
May 2008 King Academy Residency – Stamford, CT
May 2008 Berkshire Middle School Residency – Bloomfield, MI
March 2009 Innsbruck Musicshule – Innsbruck, Austria
June 2009 Nucleo Acarigua/el Sistema Residency – Acarigua, Portuguesa, Venezuela
March 2010 Berkshire Middle School Residency – Bloomfield, MI
June 2010 Performance and workshop tour – Innsbruck, Lienz, Salzburg, Austria
February 2011 Orchkids/Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Residency – Baltimore, MD
February 2012 Performance and workshop tour – Tirol, Austria
May 2012 Spring Tour: Performance and workshop – Sturgis, MI; King Academy Residency – Stamford, CT; Johns Hopkins Graduation performances – Baltimore, MD
November 2012 Luis Duncker Laualle Conservatorio Regional De Musica residency – Arequipa, Peru
November 2013 Workshop and performance tour – Salzburg, Austria

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