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Since our inception in 2004 we’ve had the pleasure of performing and teaching on three continents and five countries.  Here is a summarized list of where we’ve been and what we’ve done.


July 2018 Archipelago Musical Leadership Academy and Performance Series- Traverse City, MI
Summer 2004-2017 Archipelago Project Music Camp and Performance Series – Traverse City MI
May 2013-2018 Baltimore Residency, Baltimore, MD. 
March 2005
Cathedral City High School Residency – Palm Springs, CA
May 2006 OE Dunkel Middle School Residency – Farmington, MI
May 2007 Paxton High School Residency – Paxton, IL
October 2007 Bloomfield High School Residency sponsored by the Hartford Symphony – Hartford, CT
May 2008 King Academy Residency – Stamford, CT
May 2008 Berkshire Middle School Residency – Bloomfield, MI
March 2009 Innsbruck Musicshule – Innsbruck, Austria
June 2009 Nucleo Acarigua/el Sistema Residency – Acarigua, Portuguesa, Venezuela
March 2010 Berkshire Middle School Residency – Bloomfield, MI
June 2010 Performance and workshop tour – Innsbruck, Lienz, Salzburg, Austria
February 2011 Orchkids/Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Residency – Baltimore, MD
February 2012 Performance and workshop tour – Tirol, Austria
May 2012 Spring Tour: Performance and workshop – Sturgis, MI; King Academy Residency – Stamford, CT; Johns Hopkins Graduation performances – Baltimore, MD
November 2012 Luis Duncker Laualle Conservatorio Regional De Musica residency – Arequipa, Peru
May 2013 Workshop and performance tour – Baltimore, MD
November 2013 Workshop and performance tour – Salzburg, Austria
May 2014 Workshop and performance tour, Johns Hopkins Graduation – Baltimore, MD

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