Rehearsal Structure

Music Rehearsals:  Rehearsals are comprised of arranging and collaborative composition rotations, master classes, ensemble rehearsals, and group technique classes.
Instrument Technique:
Students are broken into like instrumentation groups where they can focus on technique for their instruments.
Collaborative Composition Rotation:
For the arranging ensembles, students are divided into 8-10 piece ensembles that arrange pieces of their choice from any genre. Ensemble selection is based on proficiency and instrumentation. The students are responsible for choosing and rehearsing the piece, learning its construction, deciding the form for the performance, all under the guidance of Archipelago teaching artists.
Arranging Ensemble Rotation:
For the composition ensembles, students work in two groups to compose a 4-5 minute piece inspired by a given theme. They have seven days to write and rehearse their piece before premiering their composition live on WNMC radio.
Brass Band and Large Ensembles:
Interested students participate in large ensemble, learning a New Orleans Second Line style by ear and collaboratively composing alongside the Archipelago teaching artists. The music is structured so all students, regardless of ability, may participate. Students are encouraged to improvise, compose new melodies, and dictate form. Additionally, by rehearsing alongside the teaching artists, the students learn basic music fundamentals and instrumental techniques.



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