Building Communication, Creativity, and Leadership through Music

Traverse City, Michigan
July 25th- August 3rd, 2020

Archipelago’s music academy is a youth leadership program which challenges students to develop their own musical voice by asking students to draw from the abstract to create something tangible, constructively critique their peers, lead discussions, suggest and support ideas and reconcile opposing views through compromise.

Registration is Open!

Musical Leadership Academy Mission:

1) Few school music programs have time to help students understand the process of musical creation through composition, arranging, chamber music, and community engagement. By empowering students with ownership of the creative process the Archipelago’s summer music camp meets this need and encourages students to generate original ideas and approaches, evaluate choices, and build on prior experience to improve and realize their potential as young artists, creators, and leaders.

2)Students often do not have many opportunities to interact with students or musics from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Archipelago’s music camp creates cultural exchange by including local Traverse City Students, public school students from around the country and students from El-Sistema-inspired programs in an intensive music rehearsals. Students lodged at the Northwestern Michigan College Dormitory, amplifies the cultural exchange through planned social activities.

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