Learning to Fly

Ethan (drums), Ashley (bass), and Dan (tuba).

Ethan (drums), Ashley (bass), and Dan (tuba).

Traverse City, MI (February 26, 2015) – You wouldn’t think two Traverse City natives and a music camp could have such an impact in Baltimore’s inner-city. But they do.

Ethan Lucas, a product of Traverse City East Middle School, Central High School and Archipelago Project’s Summer Music Camp recently spent a week in Baltimore working with inner-city students in the Baltimore Symphony’s Orchkids program.

According to Daniel Trahey, TC native, Archipelago co-founder and Orchkids Artistic Director, “Ethan spent last week at Orchkids learning to work with our percussion ensemble and bucket bands. He immediately connected with the students and there were tears when he was saying goodbye after only a few days.”

While in Baltimore Lucas assisted with the daily logistics of the Orchkids program, taught in the classroom and performed along-side the students in concert.

“Ethan exhibited many of the skills that OrchKids craves in its teachers such as: flexibility, can-do attitude, timeliness, and the ability to find ways to reinforce non-musical positive behavior in the kids,” said Trahey.

“He most likely will spend July in Baltimore as a teaching assistant learning more about inner-city teaching and community building through music.” Trahey continued.

Lucas credits his approach to music and interest in the Orchkids to his participation in the Archipelago Summer Music Camp in Traverse City.

“From Archipelago, I learned a sense of respect and professionalism in both rehearsal and performance settings that transfers to nearly every aspect of my life.”

In Orchkids Lucas sees the possibility to “pay forward the approach to music in which I was raised, largely thanks to Archipelago and my private teacher through high school, Brad Novak.”

Lucas has participated in Archipelago Project’s Summer Music Camp for 10 years – five as a student and now five as an assistant.

Returning to the Archipelago camp is important to Lucas “not only to keep grounded but it also showcases a comprehensive view of the many different directions a professional music career may take.”

Archipelago’s Summer Music Camp runs from July 23 – 31. Registration materials for Archipelago’s 2015 camp were recently posted on the group’s website archipelagoproject.org. This year the camp has received funding from the MCACA and NorthSky Nonprofit Network.

OrchKids is a year-round, during and after school, music program designed to create social change and nurture promising futures for youth in Baltimore City neighborhoods.

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