Important People

At Archipelago we have many important people in our lives. View below to learn about the folks that make what we do possible.

Board of Directors

Daniel Trahey
Executive Director/President of Board of Directors
Cofounder-Archipelago Inc.
Founder-Collective Conservatory

Garrett Mendez
Musical Director/Vice President of Board of Directors
Artistic Director – Project Music
Director of Instrumental Music-King School

Armand Hall
Secretary Officer on Board of Directors, Education Coordinator
Executive Director of ROCmusic,  Lecturer-Eastman School of Music

Linda Mendez
Financial Accountant/Treasurer of Board of Directors
Retired Accountant

Rebecca Ligon
Board Member
Agrarian Specialist

Kris Brady
Board Member
Community Services Officer – Northern Michigan Community Action Agency

Kathleen Mendez
Board Member: Educational Consultant
Social Studies Teacher – Greenwich High School

The Donors

Thank You

Friend $1-$49

James Knittel
T.L. Palmer
Alvin & Irene Rice
Marilyn Aberlich
Katherine Cameron
Kenneth Core
Elmer and Ruth Peterman
Judy Renwick

Salsa $250-$499

Robert and Sandra Foote
Leland and Mary Bartholomew
Gayle J. Dawson
Lucy Klohs-Rogers
The Music Source
Rod Cameron
Fountain Point Resort – Theo Early and Family
Munson Summer Art Camp
Harbor Springs Street Musique

Hot Jazz $50-$99

Winston-Salem Junior Women’s Club of North Carolina
Deborah & Daniel Mroz
Kathleen A. Scott
Margo Sirrine
David & Caroline Stilwell
Margaret Hollyday
Robert and Val Stone
Robert and Sherri Fenton
Bill and Pat Renwick
Jeffrey W. and Judith L Tousley

Fanfare $500-$1000

Right Brain Brewery
Storm Cloud Brewery
Filling Station
Steve Trahey
Blended Roots Farm

Marshall Music
Grady Instrument Repair
John Hopkins University
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Oryana Natural Food Market
Gil and Linda Mendez
Mike and Marlee Trahey

Polka $100-$249

Kristin Brady
Kay A Helman
Paul and Laura Jacobson
The Schweitzer Family
Reck Violin Shop
West Music Company
Robert and Sandra Foote
Separk Music Company
Katie Phelps
Ross and Anne Miller
Joseph Alessandri & Janice Renwick
David & Pamela Skinner
Marlene & David Pryor
Tom and Laura Garries
David & Jennifer Deschler
Gregory and Julia Holt
Friday Night Live

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