Thank You

Friend $1-$49

James Knittel
T.L. Palmer
Alvin & Irene Rice
Marilyn Aberlich
Katherine Cameron
Kenneth Core
Elmer and Ruth Peterman
Judy Renwick

Salsa $250-$499

Garrett Mendez
Leland and Mary Bartholomew
Gayle J. Dawson
Lucy Klohs-Rogers
The Music Source
Rod Cameron
Fountain Point Resort – Theo Early and Family
Munson Summer Art Camp
Harbor Springs Street Musique

Hot Jazz $50-$99

Winston-Salem Junior Women’s Club of North Carolina
Deborah & Daniel Mroz
Kathleen A. Scott
Margo Sirrine
Robert and Sandra Foote
David & Caroline Stilwell
Margaret Hollyday
Robert and Val Stone
Robert and Sherri Fenton
Bill and Pat Renwick

Fanfare $500-$1000

Right Brain Brewery
Marshall Music
Grady Instrument Repair
John Hopkins University
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Oryana Natural Food Market
Red Ginger
Gil and Linda Mendez
Mike and Marlee Trahey


Polka $100-$249

Reck Violin Shop
West Music Company
Robert and Sandra Foote
Separk Music Company
Katie Phelps
Ross and Anne Miller
Joseph Alessandri & Janice Renwick
David & Pamela Skinner
Marlene & David Pryor
Tom and Laura Garries
David & Jennifer Deschler
Gregory and Julia Holt
Friday Night Live


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