2021 Virtual MILA

Building Communication, Creativity, & Leadership through Music

Archipelago has adapted its Musical Innovation and Leadership Academy (MILA) to online offerings this summer to meet the needs of our students’ minds and bodies, keeping them healthy by connecting, communicating, creating, and moving with the Archipelago programming that everyone has come to expect and love from our Academy.

**Pre-session for Leadership Training: June 21-July 2 2021 (Monday-Friday)
Dates: July 26th-July 31st, 2021.
**(July 25th: Orientation 10am-12pm)
Registration deadline: July 13 2021.
Tuition Fees for Individual Students: $150
El Sistema Program Tuition: Contact us to discuss one program fee and number of students participating.

**Pre-session is for students who want to develop leadership skills through music instruction and would like to become a leader/assistant teacher in the other session. Please email us if you have students interested in participating in the pre-session. Click here to see more details.

Registration is Open!

Collective Conservatory joins MILA!

To connect our students with even more amazing artists from around the globe, Archipelago will be drawing on the vast wealth of artists on its roster to participate in our online classes and programming. It will allow us to not only expand our musical world, it will allow us to offer classes that focus on the health and well-being of all of our students.

What is MILA?

Archipelago’s online music academy is a youth leadership program that helps student realize their potential as young artists, creators, innovators, and leaders by using musical creation as a vehicle to draw from the abstract to create something tangible, constructively critique their peers, lead discussions, suggest and support ideas and reconcile opposing views through compromise. This process will not only help develop the student’s own voice, but will also help give them confidence to become active participants in group projects. 

Staying Connected! 
Our online academy will not only connect students with amazing artists from around the globe, it will connect students from diverse socio economic and cultural backgrounds from around the country.  Connecting and collaborating on shared musical projects, our students will find the similarities that we all share and help them realize that while we may not be able to meet in person in the ways we are accustomed to, we are still connected and there are people who care about their well being. 

Online Curriculum
Our curriculum will rotate through daily classes that include instrument fundamentals, music theory, improvising, arranging and composing.  Using online music software such as Zoom, Noteflight (music notation), and Soundtrap (DAW), we will have students not only develop musical skills but also develop valuable technological skills that are essential in the new world that we live in.  
See below for examples of Noteflight & Soundtrap arrangements to give you an idea of what is possible!

By the Fireside: A Simple Folk Melody arranged using Noteflight
All the Lights-using Soundtrap

The Daily Schedule will be a mix of synchronous online courses and asynchronous time.  Below is a mock schedule of what a student’s day will look like. Students will be placed in their ability level. (Both musical and technological skills will be considered when placing students into groups)
Classes are broken into 3 categories: Enrichment & Health/Well Being, Instrument Technique & Music Theory, Creative Work (arranging and composing)

Level 1: 0-2 years of experience,
Level 2: 2-4 years of experience
Level 3: 5+ years of experience
1:00-2:10 pmYoga/Mindfulness
Guest Artist Q&A sessions
Theory/Soundbank development
2:10-2:40 pmBreak
2:40-4:00 pmMusic Tech Training + Arranging and Composing, Group Share
In addition to dedicated class time, students are expected to work on projects on their own time.

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